11/20/10 Club Race

We had an amazing race this weekend at our track located in Lake Mayer Community Park. The popularity of RC racing is on the rise in the Savannah area.

Congratulation to this week’s winners!

Short Course Truck: Chat Howard 15/10:40.689 TQ

Nitro Buggy: Tim Smith 36/20:33.775 TQ

Electric Buggy: Cory Burgett 21/13:53.040 TQ

Arena Truck: Mitchell Burkey 34/20:15:063 TQ

Check out the all of the results here

Come out Saturday December 11 for our next race and join in on the fun.



11/06/10 Club Race

Congratulations to this weekend’s winners.

Buggy: Christopher Yarborough 23/15:07.155 TQ

Short Course Truck: David Laird 12/10:10.874



Phil Hurd Raceway remote control RC race track, is home of SCORE Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts located in Lake Mayer Park Savannah Georgia.

Colonel’s Winter Classic: ROAR 2WD Short Course


In our upcoming Colonel’s Winter Classic the 2WD Short Course Truck will run under ROAR rules. However, any RTR (Ready To Run) 2WD SCT Motor & ESC combo will also be allowed including the Team Associated SC10 Brushless System. If you run an aftermarket Speed Control, you will be required to run a 17.5 BL or 27 Turn Brushed motor. Dimensional Specifications:


Item Limit Specifications
Wheel base Minimum 320mm (12.59 in)
Maximum 335mm (13.19 in)
Overall Lenght Minimum 540mm (21.25 in)
Maximum 568mm (22.36 in)
Overall Width Minimum 290mm (11.42 in)
Maximum 296mm (11.65 in)
Weight Minimum 2098 gr (74 oz)
Vehicle Height Overall Minimum 199mm (7.835 in)
Wheels Wheel bead diameter Inner Maximum 76.20mm (3.0 in)
Outer Maximum 55.88mm (2.2 in)
Wheel bead width Maximum 39.37mm (1.55 in)
Wheel width Maximum 41.91mm (1.65 in)
Tires Diameter mounted Minimum 106.68 (4.20 in)
Tire Width (Mounted) Maximum 46.99 (1.85 in)


8.10.122 Motor 17.5 turn brushless or 27 turn brushed. 2 wheel rear drive with geared or ball differential only. No tire tread cutting, bald tires or custom cut tires allowed.


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Halloween Club Race

Congratulations to the winners on our Halloween Club Race…

Short Course: Wesely Lamb 13/10:07.993 TQ

Buggy: Matt Fitts 32/20:39.899

Truggy: Shawn Kraus 8/5:20.191 TQ