RJ Invitational

With a name like CIMG0142.AVI it’s no wonder this video only has 60 views.

This is from the 2006 RJ Invitational Race which eventual turned into our annual Colonel’s Winter Classic. Pro Buggy Main duel between Alan Burton and Bubba Ryan. Burton goes on to win the race over Top Qualifier Bubba Ryan.

RJ Invitational Pro Buggy A-Main Results

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06/18/11 Club Race

2WD Short Course: Mitchell Burkey 15/10:29.524 TQ

Open Short Course: Michael Broome 16/10:38.798

1/8 Buggy: Tim Smith 37/20:06.993 TQ

Arena Truck: Harry Wallace 17/10:32.316

2011 Saturday Series: June

Congratulation to this month’s Saturday Series winners

2WD Short Course: Jimmy Martin 15/10:12.480 TQ

Open Short Course: Patrick Fraley 15/10:41.263

1/8 Buggy: Matt Fitts 32/20:02.294

Arena Truck: David Laird 32/20:37.139 TQ

1/10 Buggy: Christopher Yarborough 16/10:21.703 TQ