January 28, 2012 Club Race Results

This week we introduced the Novice 2WD Short Course Truck class, which was a success with 7 entries! Thanks to everyone who came out to Lake Mayer to support SCORE and Phil Hurd Raceway.

Congratulations to this week’s winners!

See you all on February 11th for our Membership Drive and Election race. Just a reminder that membership is $35, plus $5 for each additional immediate family member. Paid members race this one for free!

Thanks for a great day of racing!

Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

Upcoming Membership Drive

We are planning a club race on Saturday, February 11th 2012 at Phil Hurd Raceway in Savannah, GA. This race will serve as our annual SCORE membership drive. Please help us get the word out! This race is both for membership renewal and to attract new members. Membership for 2012 is $35 and anyone who pays for membership – new or renewal – gets to race their first entry that day for free. You can even include additional family members for only $5 each. Join in person at either of the upcoming races on January 28th or February 11th!

This race also kicks off the 2012 Spring Points Series, so don’t miss it! Finally, 2012 SCORE Club Elections will be held the same day. This year’s election is important to the club’s future, so please come out, show your support, and vote.


Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

CWC Podium Photos

Here are the podium photos of this year’s Colonel’s Winter Classic winners. Click to enlarge.

Arena Truck

Pro Buggy

Intermediate Buggy

Electric Buggy

Open SCT


Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who attended or helped!
Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

CWC Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Colonel’s Winter Classic!

2WD Stock SCT
TQ: Seth Wrobel – 8/5:10.104 – FL 37.683
3RD: Mickey White – 14/10:12.2 – FL 41.278
2ND: Chris Byron – 14/10:11.6 – FL 40.361
1ST: Randy Ellis – 15/10:37.1 – FL 39.704

Open SCT
TQ: Patrick Rossiter – 9/5:14.756 – FL 33.511
3RD: Larry Ward – 9/5:12.478 – FL 38.734
2ND: Patrick Rossiter – 9/5:12.561 – FL 33.944
1ST: Max Flurer – 9/5:12.478 – FL 33.770

Electric 1/8 Buggy
TQ: Max Flurer – 10/5:18.557 – FL 31.177
3RD: Jason Smith – 10/5:25.002 – FL 31.988
2ND: Tim Smith – 10/5:14.020 – FL 31.273
1ST: Max Flurer – 10/5:06.888 – FL 30.360

Arena Truck
TQ: Randy Cooper – 9/5:07.194 – FL 33.106
3RD: James Tucker – 51/30:20.564 – FL 32.622
2ND: Randy Cooper – 53/30:33.023 – FL 31.830
1ST: Jason Smith – 54/30:17.007 – FL 30.304

Intermediate 1/8 Nitro Buggy
TQ: Matthew Fitts – 9/5:05.134 – FL 32.720
3RD: Gregg Keen – 48/30:10.123 – FL 34.103
2ND: Trey Wren – 48/30:02.455 – FL 33.547
1ST: Mitchell Burkey – 50/30:07.705 – FL 32.426

Pro 1/8 Nitro Buggy
TQ: Travis Dupree – 10/5:19.160 – FL 31.426
3RD: Travis Dupree – 55/30:08.944 – FL 30.281
2ND: Jason Smith – 56/30:20.431 – FL 30.216
1ST: Barry Pettit – 56/30:11.885 – FL 29.631

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who came out and endured the cold weather, long hours, and software problems to make the 2012 Colonel’s Winter Classic a huge success for Phil Hurd Raceway and the Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts. We also want to thank our SCORE members for stepping up and helping out in every way possible. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did and we look forward to next year’s Colonel’s Winter Classic, as well as an exciting 2012 racing season!

Thanks to David Moreland who also took some amazing (as usual) shots of this weekend’s event. Go have a look at them here.

Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

2012 Colonel’s Winter Classic Signup Sheet

Thanks to everyone the preregistered on R/C Signup. All of you information is already in the computer and you will be entered into the race once you have checked in at the track. Race Day signups and Checking will be available until 8:30 Saturday Morning. Please download the 2012 Colonel’s Winter Classic Signup Sheet below to verify your information is correct and notify the Race Director of any changes that need to be made to your entries.

We look forward to seeing everyone here at Phil Hurd Raceway located in Lake Mayer Park Savannah Georgia this Saturday January 14, 2012

Download Pre Registration List Here

Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

CWC6 Practice is Open

Practice for the Colonel’s Winter Classic is open until 10pm. Please be sure to register before practice. Have fun!

Registration is still open!

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve gotten over the past few days, we have hit our 125-entry cap on RC Signup. However, if you haven’t signed up, this doesn’t mean you can’t race! If you plan to attend the Colonel’s Winter Classic 6.0, please show up anytime during practice on Friday so that we can get you registered and entered.

For those coming to practice on Friday, please be aware that you must see an official for registration before putting your car on the track! This will help us make sure that we get started promptly on Saturday and run a smooth event.

We’re extremely excited about the turnout and hope to see you there!

Colonel’s Winter Classic Preview

CWC Warmup Race Results

We had an amazing turnout for our first race of the year! The new layout is challenging but a lot of fun, and should make for a very competitive Colonel’s Winter Classic. The Electric 1/8 Buggy is really taking off, with this week’s race sporting the most we’ve had at one time on the track. The 2012 season is already shaping up to be very interesting!

Congratulations to this week’s winners!

See pictures from this week’s race.

See you next week for the Colonel’s Winter Classic!