May 1, 2013 Club Meeting

Just a reminder that we’re going to have a short club meeting at 7PM at the track this Wednesday. We’ll be going over a few things regarding plans for the 2013 Summer season. We need your input, so don’t miss it!

April 27, 2013 – Test & Tune Session

We’ve just been informed that GCS Round 2 in Dalton has been cancelled due to rain. They have been rescheduled to May 4th (next Saturday). However, we are NOT canceling our points race! Our GCS race has been rescheduled to the last weekend in July, and we are not the only GCS-related track that will be racing on top of Dalton next weekend. So, even though they cancelled this weekend, most everyone around here has their plans made at other tracks. Several are going to Spring Sting in Myrtle Beach, others are going elsewhere, so keeping the non-traveling racers / pure locals in mind and with the help of Bill Barrow, Will Alderman, Shawn and Cathy Kraus, the track has been prepped for an open Test & Tune this weekend. We will pick up with our normal scheduled racing next Saturday @ 1pm. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Sorry, everyone – no racing this weekend!

From VP Jason Douberly:

“Hey guys and gals I have some bad news. I just got back from the track and it is a giant mud pit. Bill Barrow has been out all morning getting water off of the track but it is so saturated there is no hope of it drying out by tomorrow. On top of that the parking area is flooded. Pat will be making an announcement shortly as to when the make up date will be. Keep in mind that the track will need a lot of work before our next race. Please watch for announcement on upcoming work parties.”

Maybe we should all invest in some RC boats, the way 2013’s going so far!

April 20, 2013 Contingency Plan

Spring Series Round 3 Makeup Race to be held on April 21st, 2013 @ 2PM

“Severe thunderstorm warning is in effect… Statesboro is getting drenched right now and it’s heading this way. race is rescheduled Sunday at 2pm. The rain is suppose to let up by around 4pm tomorrow. Hopefully the trenches will help the track drain faster and cut the cleanup in half. We will need all available hands out at the track tomorrow at 6pm to get it ready. all we can do now is wait… -Patrick”
The weather report for Saturday isn’t looking favorable for us, so the current plan is that should things go soggy on Saturday, we’ll try to get out that evening to clean things up and run our Spring Series race on Sunday, April 21st at 2PM. If things stay dry, then we’ll run as planned. Stay tuned right here and our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information! Somehow, someway, we will get this race in!!!

April 20, 2013 – Spring Series Round 3

Here we go again! After bad weather and a busy day at the park, we’re making up our Spring Series points race this Saturday! Qualifying starts at 1PM sharp. Don’t miss it!

Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

April 7, 2013 Club Race Results

While we may not have gotten in the points race we had planned, we still had a great day of racing on Sunday with 47 entries!

Congratulations to our winners!

Don’t miss the makeup race for Round 3 of our Spring Series on April 20th!

Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

Track Condition Update

From Club President Patrick Rossiter:

Went out to the track around 6 and got the 3 major puddles drained: front straight, turn 1, and back straight / teardrop. Thanks to Will Alderman for the help! We’ll try to get out there between 10:30 and 12:30 tomorrow, but as of right now, only brooms and rakes are necessary. Tomorrow is supposed to be great weather and we need the sunshine. For now, we need to get the rest of the standing water off the track first! If anyone gets out there before me, the water needs to be brushed off and then the surface needs to be raked by hand. Also, once all the water has been pushed off and while the ground is somewhat soft, the trenches need to be filled back in. Any and all help is welcome!


April 6, 2013 Race Postponed – April 7, 2013 Club Race


Due to a combination of the weather and our scheduling for Saturday, we have made the decision to postpone our Spring Series Round 3 points race until our already-scheduled race on April 20, 2013. We will, however, hold a regular Club Race on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 2PM.