Last Race of 2013

It’s been a long time coming, but this Saturday will mark not only our first race on the new layout, but it marks the final race in 2013! Huge thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to all the work that’s been put into the track. Sign ups open at 11am and racing will start at 12noon. We will be doing final prep on the track tomorrow at 6pm. Few pipes need some stakes and some light grooming. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen some of you. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Time to show off the new toys this Saturday! See y’all then!

Club Meeting: 12/04/2013

“After yesterday’s meeting, we have come together to form a plan to finalize the tweeking of the new layout. For now, the track is open for play, but be advised that some of the pipe is still loose and will remain that way for the time being. You may play at your own risk. We will finish up next Saturday and then post up pics of the finished product.

Elections are coming up in February. We currently have 1 candidate for President and 1 candidate for Treasurer. As many of you are aware, I will not be seeking re-election simply because of sponsorship commitments. We’re looking for dedicated members who can really continue on the legacy of our great track. The only requires to run for office are: (1) You must have been a member for 1 year (2) You must know how to operate the timing system.

Lastly, there has been some confusion on here as far as “how many Facebook pages do we have. To be clear, we have 4: Phil Hurd Raceway, Colonel’s Winter Classic, Summer SCORCHER, and our group chat page “Phil Hurd Raceway / S.C.O.R.E.” To eliminate the confusion, the group chat page will be deleted. Facebook has done alot of updating since I created THAT page over 4 years ago. For more up to the minute updates, stay tuned to Facebook.

We wish everyone attending the Fall Brawl this weekend in Myrtle Beach the best of luck and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay tuned for more updates to come!