2015 Club Racing

Member’s Fee: $10 for first entry, $5 for each additional class.
Non Member’s Fee: $15 for first entry, $10 for each additional class.
We use an AMBrc timing system to score lap times. Personal Transponders are encouraged, but we have Club Transponders available for $5 per race. (You will need to submit your keys or cell phone to rent club transponders)

We hold club races every other weekend at Phil Hurd Raceway if weather permits. The first race of every month each racer will receive points towards our Saturday Series. You do not have to be a S.C.O.R.E. member to be eligible for points.


Phil Hurd Raceway, located in Savannah’s Lake Mayer Community Park was created by U.S. Army Colonel Phillip S. Hurd. His love for Remote Controlled Cars inspired him to build a race track in 1985 and became the founding member and first President of our R/C Club Savannah Chatham Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (SCORE). Today, Phil Hurd Raceway is the second oldest R/C racing facility in the United States (the oldest being located in New Jersey) and has been host to multiple ROAR National Races in 1991, 1992, and 1995. R.O.A.R. (Remotely Operated Auto Racers) is the National non-profit corporation organized to promote the sport of radio controlled model car racing. ROAR was originally organized in 1967, and has steadily grown and evolved as the sport has grown. The facility itself has been through many different layouts. One of the earliest layouts was formed using nothing more than old automobile tires that were either donated by auto garages and dealerships or just simply found on the side of the road. The layouts over the years have been as simple as a dirt oval, but sometimes as technical as a roller-coaster ride. But no matter the layout, the facility has always provided a good show for spectators and racers alike.
Lake Mayer Raceway was re-named Phil Hurd Raceway, in honor of the Colonel after he lost his life from lung cancer in 1999. SCORE over the years has continued to provide a family-oriented environment for racers and spectators alike for almost 25 years. Although the some of the faces have changed, the love for the sport is still as strong as ever.



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